AES aspires to zero harm to our people, our contractors, our visitors and the community in which we operate.  We have an overriding commitment to health and safety and we will not compromise our safety and environmental values.

AES will seek to adopt uniform best practices so to assist in eliminating or reducing of non-compliance.  Adoption of best practices will also assist in the protection of workers and others’ health and safety and the environment and maintain confidence for AES operations.  Through the systems, AES shall manage its environmental impact and health and safety by:

  • Creating and fostering a positive health and safety culture where health and safety is an integral part of our business;
  • Providing clear expectations to all personnel to engage and comply with the Health and Safety & Environmental Management System;
  • Systematically identifying environmental hazards and processes, potential risks and opportunities for improvement and to assess the risks these hazards represent and then establishing methods to eliminate or mitigate them;
  • Developing and implementing safety & environmental management programs to continually improve performance and realise opportunities for environmentally positive contribution;
  • Take all reasonable steps to;
    • Minimise waste-to-landfill, greenhouse gas emissions and other pollution by applying waste management principals;
    • Actively promoting and encouraging the adoption of ecologically sustainable work practice initiatives and programs within our organisation, suppliers and the general community using current technical knowledge;
    • Further reduce our consumption of power, water and natural resources;
    • Employ environmental considerations in purchasing decisions; and,
    • Communicate regularly with community groups and key stakeholders on environmental issues.
  • Identifying, reporting, investigating and resolving all safety and environmental incidents and non-conformance with learning’s actioned, implemented and shared.
  • Seek continuous improvement in health, safety and the environment through rigorous examination of all activities, practices and incidents;
  • Maintaining, monitoring, reporting, reviewing, auditing and continual improvement of the Health, Safety and Environmental Management System;
  • Meet all relevant legislative and regulatory requirements;
  • Establish and review meaningful and accurate measurable targets and objectives to facilitate continual improvement for safety and environmental and communicating appropriately to our people;
  • Educating and training people to continually improve awareness, skills and knowledge of environmental issues and practices;
  • Consult openly to enhance the effectiveness of the System and increase awareness;
  • Effectively implement this Policy through a process of consultation, communication, continual improvement and culture change and ensure it is available to the public;
  • Providing suitable and sufficient resources to implement and maintain the System
  • This Policy will be reviewed annually to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate.

Mr. Dominic Avenell                               Mr. Matthew Avenell                       Mr. Karthik Vajjala

Chief Executive Officer                           Executive Director                         General Manager